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Dangerous Goods Digest 2017 - Updated: 2018


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Initially published in loose-leaf format in 2001, this authentic single-source reference work has now been released in a handy user-friendly 2-Volume coil-bound format.

A copy of this unique publication is all you’ll need to fully understand and comply with the Dangerous Goods Regulations and the various relevant SANS (SABS) Standards. Updated to comply with SANS 10231, SANS 10232-1 and SANS 10232-4: 2018. It is an invaluable tool for anyone involved in the transport of dangerous goods. Presented so that information is quickly found, it consists of two volumes. Volume 1 is comprehensively illustrated, providing a concise and coherent general guide and reference source, while Volume 2 contains the complete Dangerous Goods List in numerical sequence and an alphabetical index.