MiniCHART - Periodic Table of the Elements


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The periodic table of elements organizes the elements found in nature according to increasing atomic numbers (the atomic number is determined by how many protons are in the atomic nucleus of an element). It is an extremely useful way in which to classify, systematize and compare all the various forms of chemical behavior. Credited most often with being invented by Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev, the table has wide application to the fields of physics, engineering and biology. This excellent quality, highly detailed MiniCHART poster covers massive amounts of information pertaining to each element. Each group of elements is colour coordinated and colour is also used to make certain properties (eg the state at room temp, element categories etc.) available at a glance. It clearly shows the element names, element symbols, atomic numbers and atomic masses and includes elements that have only recently been named. An alphabetical index of element names shows symbols and atomic numbers.