Theory Test Papers for Drivers of Heavy Vehicles

  • Model: EPTTP

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Specially designed for driver selection, training and ongoing development of drivers, at last here is an aid to ensure you recruit and manage a professional team of drivers by identifying problem areas.

Tests are a critical part of any hiring process. Tests are by nature discriminatory but are perfectly legal as long as they meet two criteria:

  • The test must be job related;
  • The test must not exclude applicants on the basis of race, age or sex unless the skill or attribute is essential to the job.

When recruiting a driver, a theory test on vehicle handling characteristics rules of the road, road signs, vehicle loading and vehicle condition, should be conducted prior to a practical test. This set of five test papers fills this criteria.

Test drivers' knowledge on:

  • Vehicle handling characteristics;
  • Road traffic signs;
  • Braking;
  • Vehicle loading;
  • Vehicle condition; and
  • Road traffic law.

Each colour-coded test paper contains:

  • 4 A4 pages with colour illustrations;
  • Instructions on the test;
  • 2 answered example questions; and
  • 30 different questions.

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Each answer paper contains:

  • 30 correct answers;
  • Explanations to each answer;
  • References to relevant section or regulation numbers (simply click your mouse on the reference and it will take you to the relevant legislation on our website); and
  • References to further information to be found in the Professional Driver's Digest>
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